Looking for a skilled writer or illustrator to deliver on your business needs? I’m here to help!

I’m Janet Rose, a freelance copywriter and illustrator.

As a lifelong creative, I know how hard it can be to finish those passion projects or to get the wording just right on your marketing strategy. I work closely with my clients and ensure that their vision is met and fulfilled with their authentic voice.

I’ve always loved drawing and found myself taking commissions for friends and family, so why not open it up to those who need it for their business?

Let me help you reach your goals today!

Dedicated to My Craft

As a lifelong writer I have dedicated myself to becoming a wonderful wordsmith.

I am currently in my last year to complete my degree in Creative Writing at York University. I have attended writing workshops at Firefly Creative Writing, Ryerson University, and Langara College.

My other skills include being a professional recording secretary with Minute Takers Inc. where I am responsible for attending and recording board meetings and board decisions.

I’ve founded a collective for women writers of colour, The WWOCC, where we provide a platform to share stories and connect writers who often don’t have space to be heard.